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When is it Time to Schedule Your Yearly Data Consult?

Just like yearly visits to a doctor, it is vital to schedule time with experts in the field of data. Data consultants and scientists are able to do full work ups on your current process to find hidden opportunities and variables.

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Consultative and transactional selling are very different in the world of direct-to-consumer marketing. Preferences depend on what you're shopping for, or how much you're going to spend, how much time you have, or what level of service you expect.  Consultative selling involves taking the time to ask questions. Asking questions and getting answers is very important in the process of consultative selling. Transactional Selling usually involves more "selling" and less asking. There is less of a connection during a transactional sale, and much less personalization.


Consider the time spent with a physician. Patients typically prefer a doctor who asks questions and gets to the bottom of things.  Patients don't want to have a transactional experience with their doctor. They want to be questioned, diagnosed, and treated properly. Another example of a consultative sale is the process of buying a home. Similar to a physician, buyers want their realtor to ask and probe. This is a huge purchase, and realtors should strive to know what a perfect home is for their client.


Transactional selling typically involves less information gathering. Consumers typically experience this process while at the grocery store and gas stations. We know what we want at these places, and we typically do not need to ask questions. 


 Now, let's consider the path one takes in developing a marketing campaign. Are you a marketing professional who is directly responsible for response rates and results? Are you the CEO of the company? Perhaps you are involved in the sales process and receiving inbound/outbound leads? The entire team should want to be consulted in best practices. No one in the operation should simply accept data without asking the tough questions! Data consultations are vital in direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns. The entire team should be kept up to speed during the marketing process.


It is  also very easy to go online, purchase data, and avoid questions. Altair Customer Intelligence offers you the ability to do so via online count system. However, if you want a more personalized experience, we are here for that too! Unlike a lot of other data providers, Altair is here for you. If you win, we win. We want to see your marketing campaign work for you.


What can you learn from speaking with an experienced  Data Scientist or Consultant?  Enough to make it well worth your time.  Call or email to set a time to speak with someone from our team.


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Tags: Marketing Lists, Consumer Data Leads, Sales Leads, Insurance Leads, Mortgage Leads, Direct Mail Lists, New Mover Data, Donor Lists


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