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Use of a Consumer Database for Insurance Leads

Consumer databases are a gold mine for sales leads.  Let's take a look at insurance leads for direct-to-consumer campaigns.


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Adverse selection is a huge problem for insurance providers. Insurance companies know all to well that a larger than normal percentage of consumers that shop for insurance may not be their ideal or best prospects, but are often the ones that agents sell to most easily. Those shoppers are more likely to shop again due to price sensitivity, they are deemed a high risk by another company, or possibly have been cancelled due to claim activity.  But since these leads shop online, call in, or walk in they can be an easy source for agents to meet their sales goals.  Oddly enough, many agents pay high dollar for shopper leads because they are easy sales.


Consider this: The best customers are likely staying put with their existing companies. So how do you find them?  As we've discussed in other blog posts, data science and analytics help to identify your best prospects. Using data science will also help in finding new prospects that are highly likely to convert into customers.  However, sometimes that isn't something an agent or marketer will take on. There are a variety of reasons for hesitancy.  It is important to look at the attributes that are available in Altair's consumer database and how they can help ease these pains.


Geography, age, gender, income, home value, children in home, wealth rating, and consumer interests can be great indicators for new clients. Targeting certain age demographics for life insurance is good, but add wealth and/or income and you can better determine the potential death benefit or type of policy to target.  Some prospects will be ideal for a burial policy of minimal death benefit, while other prospects are ideal for a permanent insurance policy lead.  Using the data found in a consumer database can help you find those prospects you desire.


What about lifestyle interests?  Would a donor list help identify a charitable minded person that may want life insurance in order to leave a final gift?  Maybe a death benefit to fund a scholarship or other sustaining "gift" to their favorite charity?  What if they are a boating enthusiast?  They may very well own a boat or yacht? Motorcycle or auto enthusiast?  There can be some high end vehicles to insure.


Mortgage leads are easy.  Find those home owners and target them by home value, income, and cross reference mortgage database or tax roll data to highly target your very best prospects.  What about employment type?  Self Employed consumers could help you find not only prospects for personal policies, but also the right candidates to cross sell into commercial policies as well.  And use of the wealth indicators?  There must be a need for an umbrella liability policy there.


Why wait for a prospect to come to you? Once you find the perfect prospects, working the sales cycle to convert them into customers is up to you. Altair Customer Intelligence can help identify those prospects to start the process. Our data is extremely cost effective, and we can prove it. Back end reporting is offered for every campaign. We want our clients to know that they are maximizing profit for every marketing dollar spent.


Regardless of whether you're an insurance agent looking for a few hundred sales leads, or a major corporation looking for a centralized solution, Altair can help. Altair Customer Intelligence has the data and the custom solutions to match your marketing strategy.  Let us show you how it's done!


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