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Data Analytics, Targeted Selection, Data Models, Predictive Modeling, Clone Models

Clone Analytics and the NFL


The National Football League is an incredibly HUGE entity with each team valued at an "average" of $2.34 billion in 2016, according to Forbes (click here for article).  Teams see extreme value in data modeling, but it's helpful for businesses of all types and sizes.

Data Analytics, Targeted Selection, Data Models, Predictive Modeling, Response Models

Why Use Custom Analytic Data Models?

Are data models of value?  What do they really do?   


Data analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to organizational requirements.  Data analytics is also known as data analysis.  (as defined by Techopedia @ www.techopedia.com.

Customer Intelligence, Consumer Data Leads, Data Science, Predictive Modeling, Data Attributes

Enough is Enough: When Over Selection Occurs

Essential vs Desired:  When developing a highly targeted prospect or sales lead list, there can be overkill in using multiple attributes that results in too few leads. 



Predictive Modeling, Data Models, Data Science, Data Analytics, Altair Customer Intelligence, Lead Lists

How to Earn More Money in 2017

Business Owners, Marketing Decision Makers, and Sales Leadership of Companies that Sell directly to Consumers...this is for YOU.

Altair Consumer Intelligence, Predictive Modeling, Data Models, Data Science

Snow Days or Snow Daze? Are You Prepared?

It's our first "snow day" of 2017 here in Middle Tennessee (think Nashville) and our local meteorologists have been trying to predict when, where, and how much snow.  That made me think.


Big Data Analysis, Targeted Selection, Data Models, Predictive Modeling, Data Analytics Provider, Consumer Data Leads, Marketing Data

Data Marketing Lead Lists Are More Relevant Than Ever

Direct Mail, Email, and Digital Advertising Should Utilize Data Marketing Lead Lists Effectively


"Junk Mail" is often what consumers call unwanted mail that solicits their hard earned money for a product or service they do not need or want.  That's the last thing a marketer wants to hear the product of their efforts being called.  So what is the opposite of "junk mail?"  Shall we call it "Treasured Mail" or "Valued Mail" or some other term to describe when the mail piece reaches the right...

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