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Homeowner Status: Renters or Owners

Homeowners and Renters have some similar needs, but also some very different ones as well.


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Finding Sales Leads and Cooking:  How They are Similar

"Flavor Profiles"....a term heard often on cooking shows when referring to the ingredients involved in a food dish.  What does that have to do with sales leads?



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Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Strategically, when you choose to use a "single source" vendor system, there will be both benefits and risk exposure that will need to be considered.


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Who Is Moving Here?

By Altair Staff on Apr 3, 2017 1:22:38 PM

When a family or individual moves, they are likely to spend more money on goods and services to establish their household as compared to non-movers.  This is a group that should be targeted for many different businesses.





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Targeting new movers and homeowners

Health care organizations, such as hospitals, urgent care facilities and dental care practitioners, enjoy a strong return on marketing investment when they target new movers and new homeowners.



According to Community Media, these individuals are actively seeking new services as they settle into their new neighborhood. When a health care organization reaches these individuals before its competitors, the center is five times more likely to retain them as loyal patients.

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Rent vs Home Ownership - Know your New Movers


According to an online article by Cameron Huddleston for Gobankingrates.com, (Click here to read article) the cost of Renting a Home vs. Owning a Home varies greatly by state...which can impact how and whom you choose to market your product or service.  

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