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2 Ways to Achieve Brand Recognition

Medical facilities need brand recognition to stand out among competitors. Brands serve as a logo that identifies a healthcare organization.




However, brands are more than just a name, as it evokes an emotional response. People will associate the brand with specific experiences and values. Lower Extremity Review Magazine explained this by providing the examples of how the company Apple conveys innovation and Volvo represents safety. A healthcare organization could stand for a number of...

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What Providers Can Do To Retain Patients

A new patient comes into a healthcare facility, flips through a magazine in the waiting room, receives treatment for a minor health concern and then leaves. Now what? To keep new patients coming back, it's crucial for healthcare providers to employ patient retention strategies strategies. Part of why patient retention is so important is because it impacts the organization's financial stability. Retaining patients costs 90 percent less than attracting new patients, according to Healthcare IT...

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Targeting new movers and homeowners

Health care organizations, such as hospitals, urgent care facilities and dental care practitioners, enjoy a strong return on marketing investment when they target new movers and new homeowners.



According to Community Media, these individuals are actively seeking new services as they settle into their new neighborhood. When a health care organization reaches these individuals before its competitors, the center is five times more likely to retain them as loyal patients.

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2 digital marketing tips to retain patients

By David Hadaway on Oct 31, 2016 4:13:19 PM

Digital marketing is here to stay. However, many healthcare marketers are late to adopt the most effective, online trends. Citing data from MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, Marketo.com, a marketing software company, reported 58 percent marketers in the healthcare industry are producing blog posts. In contrast, 74 percent of all marketing professionals across diverse industries are blogging. Additionally, compared to marketers in other industries, healthcare marketing...

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