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Data Leads: Non Recyclable

As Jack Johnson puts it, "...we've got to learn to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle." Something tells us that Jack was not singing about data lists in this well thought out melody. Sales leads and marketing lists should be refreshed and updated as often as possible - and rarely (if ever) should the 3 R's apply!


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Direct Mail & Digital Ads Marketing

If you're of a certain age you may remember the TV Series (or the movie version) "The A-Team" and their leader "Hannibal" Smith.  His signature quote was "I Love it When a Plan Comes Together"....which applies to Marketing plans too. 



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Get Political on Inauguration Day - Consumer Interests

Are you looking for those prospects that have been identified as having a political interest, or have donated to a political party?  We have that data!


Okay, so I'm not going to talk about politics....sorry to disappoint. However, as a marketer, finding that right group of people that have specific interests....such as Politics.....can be done.



Data Attributes, Marketing Lists, Marketing Data, Data Sci, Lead Lists, Consumer Data Leads, Altair Customer Intelligence

Determining Your Best Marketing List Prospects

3 Common Ways to Determine the Data Attributes to Use for Finding and Selecting Your Prospects.  


Marketers, Data List Resellers, List Brokers, Business Owners, and anyone looking to develop a prospect database or marketing list will likely use one of the three common methods below.


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