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Customer Profiles, Segmentation, & Personas

Profiling is a word that may initially make you feel uncomfortable based on what you might read or see on television. However, profiling can also be a great tool for marketers. Profiling is key in better understanding and marketing to customers and prospects.





Altair Consumer Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Actionable Data, Business Intelligence

Cause and Effect - or Correlation?

Are the terms "Cause and Effect" the same as "Correlation?"  Why is this important to know from a Marketing aspect?




Altair Consumer Intelligence, Marketing Data, Sales Leads, Data Science, Data Analytics

Wisdom: How to Get More

"With age comes wisdom"....or so they say.  What constitutes being wise or having wisdom and how does age play a part of it?




Consumer Data Leads, Highly Targeted Leads, Data Science, Customer Intelligence, Customer Segmentation

If You Market to Consumers...

....what customer information is missing that would help you to better understand your current customers and future customers?



Site Location Services, Data Science, Retail Marketing, Go Where They Are

WHERE? - Site Location

Where Do We Grow?  


Location, location, location.  You hear it in Real Estate and it's true, especially in business where convenience is key for your clients.  

What's the plan though?



Data Lists, Data Science, Customer Intelligence, Sales Leads, Online Counts, Custom Models, Customer Service

What are Your Service Level Expectations?

  • What level of service do you expect personally and professionally?  
  • Do they differ? If so, why? 
  • How does your expectation of service change with price...or does it?  
  • Is price related to service level and should it be?



Customer Intelligence, Consumer Data Leads, Data Science, Predictive Modeling, Data Attributes

Enough is Enough: When Over Selection Occurs

Essential vs Desired:  When developing a highly targeted prospect or sales lead list, there can be overkill in using multiple attributes that results in too few leads. 



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