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Predictive Modeling, Data Analytics, Targeted Selection, Data Models, Clone Models

Clone Analytics and the NFL


The National Football League is an incredibly HUGE entity with each team valued at an "average" of $2.34 billion in 2016, according to Forbes (click here for article).  Teams see extreme value in data modeling, but it's helpful for businesses of all types and sizes.

Predictive Modeling, Data Analytics, Targeted Selection, Data Models, Response Models

Why Use Custom Analytic Data Models?

Are data models of value?  What do they really do?   


Data analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to organizational requirements.  Data analytics is also known as data analysis.  (as defined by Techopedia @ www.techopedia.com.

Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Actionable Data, Altair Consumer Intelligence, Data Science

Cause and Effect - or Correlation?

Are the terms "Cause and Effect" the same as "Correlation?"  Why is this important to know from a Marketing aspect?




Marketing Data, Data Analytics, Altair Consumer Intelligence, Data Science, Sales Leads

Wisdom: How to Get More

"With age comes wisdom"....or so they say.  What constitutes being wise or having wisdom and how does age play a part of it?




Predictive Modeling, Data Analytics, Data Models, Lead Lists, Data Science, Altair Customer Intelligence

How to Earn More Money in 2017

Business Owners, Marketing Decision Makers, and Sales Leadership of Companies that Sell directly to Consumers...this is for YOU.

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