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Underbanked Prospects, Alternative Credit Data, Thin Credit File, Consumer Lending, Unbanked Prospects, Subprime Prospects

Under Banked: What Does It Mean?

Underbanked is a term that has been used for many years to reference consumers that are outside of the traditional banking system.  How do they differ from unbanked or subprime? How are they the same? We've got answers.

Underbanked Prospects, Highly Targeted Leads, Alternative Credit Data, Thin Credit File, Consumer Lending

Flying Under the Radar - Finding the Underbanked

At times we have all likely wanted to "fly under the radar" or "go off the grid" for some reason, which means we don't want to be found or tracked.


For some people though, being under the radar or off the grid when it comes to financial loan offers can be frustrating for them AND they can be great prospects too.




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