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Cause and Effect - or Correlation?

Are the terms "Cause and Effect" the same as "Correlation?"  Why is this important to know from a Marketing aspect?




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Wisdom: How to Get More

"With age comes wisdom"....or so they say.  What constitutes being wise or having wisdom and how does age play a part of it?




Altair Consumer Intelligence, Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time Fun Facts: Spring Forward

One of my personal favorite weekends of the year....Daylight Savings Time begins!

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Snow Days or Snow Daze? Are You Prepared?

It's our first "snow day" of 2017 here in Middle Tennessee (think Nashville) and our local meteorologists have been trying to predict when, where, and how much snow.  That made me think.


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2017 New Year Resolutions Lists Links

7 Links to Website Articles Regarding New Year Resolutions.  Something for Everyone.


The confetti is swept, the calendar has flipped, and now it's back to the daily routine. What do you want to do differently in 2017 and how can you do it?  At Altair Customer Intelligence, we normally talk about knowing your customers or finding new prospects, but today's blog is for YOUR personal benefit.  So refer back to this blog throughout the year for a variety of ideas and reminders.  Enjoy!


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