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The 5 Most Effective Strategies for Marketing to New Movers

1024x683-tax-free-moving-expenses Moving is stressful - and not just because of the daunting tasks of packing, loading a moving truck, and unpacking. There are three stages to every move: the months before a planned move, when consumers begin to look for services to help them sell their home; the 6 week window when a house that's on the market enters pending status and consumers begin to change providers and look for moving services; and the 6 months after a move, when consumers build loyalty to new companies and businesses and increase buying behaviors to furnish their home and establish their habits in a new neighborhood. Learn more about how you can reach consumers in all three stages to build loyalty and turn new movers into new customers. 


1. Purchasing Starts in the Pre-Mover Stage

The months before a planned move are the weeks when your to-do list grows longer than ever before. People have endless lists, planners, sticky notes filled with lists of details that they can't forget: call their utility company, cancel their cable, shop for renter's insurance, shop for new cable providers - the list goes on and on. 


Households who are about to move (considered pre-movers) have two windows of opportunity that markets can, and should, reach out to them during. The first stage begins the moment a house is listed on the market, and the second stage is the 1-6 week time frame before the actual move is made. Pre-movers make 70-90% of the purchasing decisions that will occur over the length of their move - and which is up to $10,000 more than the average non-moving consumer spends on products and services. 


Purchasing Behaviors

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2. Start to Market Once a Property Hits The Market

Once a consumer lists their house for sale, their buying behavior almost immediately begins to rapidly increase. As soon as this event is triggered, companies such as cleaning services, home improvement services, lawn care services, movers, painters, mortgage and financial companies, are in the perfect position to reach out and extend product and service offers to help with the moving preparations. 


In this stage, messaging is key. Studies show that companies who use personalized language, and position themselves as easy-to-use, quick, and customer service driven, have a much higher success rate. In order to do so, it's important to use moving data that provides you with a complete picture of who you're marketing to, including demographic details that allow you to segment and personalize your content. A big move can indicate a life event such as a new job, marital status change, having children, etc. By matching pre-movers and movers back to these sorts of life changes means that you'll be able to create relevant, targeted messaging and increase your response rates. 


3. The Second Buying Stage Starts Once a Sale is Pending

The first buying stage of a new mover marketing can last months depending on the housing market, location, seasonality, etc. The second stage is a much shorter window and typically begins once the listed house enters a pending sale - indicating that the consumer is now in the 1-6 week time frame that signals the decision-making stage about switching or carrying over providers for services such as home insurance, renters insurance, car insurance, cable, internet, and utilities. 


Often, it's also during this time frame that consumers begin to sell larger appliances and pieces of furniture to begin browsing to make way for new home decor and to make moving easier. This is the best time for furniture and appliance retailers to market with relevant mover messaging, including discounts and special offers such as fast shipping, specials, and hassle free delivery options. 


4. Marketing After the Move

The 6 months after a move has been established, and a consumer has moved from pre-mover to new mover status, is the time when they'll make purchase decisions and become loyal to new companies. New movers spend more during these 6 months than an average consumer will spend in three years, and are five times more likely to become a repeat customer if you reach them first. Some of the most important markets they'll be looking for include auto shops, auto dealers, gym memberships, landscaping services, local retailers, home improvement, childcare, healthcare providers, veterinarians and local financial institutions while they settle into their new neighborhood and continue to purchase products for their home. 


By welcoming to their new neighborhood with an introduction to your company, services, and unique propositions, a company is more likely to turn a new mover into their loyal customer. Special "Welcome to the Neighborhood" discounts, as well as pieces that include magnets, maps to your location, and personalized offers are the best performing marketing campaigns at this point. 



5. Best Methods of Marketing

According to recent reports, 40% of consumers respond best and give new businesses a try after receiving a direct mail piece, and on average direct mail advertising provides a 13 to 1 return on investment. Over 69% of new movers enjoy checking the mailbox and 41% pay more attention to information received by postal mail than if it were received by email. 


Don't depend on just one channel though. Often direct mail provides the highest return and is the most likely to be read and acted upon, but many times new movers also depend on the Internet to do their research. Their number one search tends to be "how to," or "what's the best," and utilizing these keywords in blog posts, social media posts, etc., can often lead curious new movers to your business and promote trust, establishing a bond before they open your mail piece. Online research is extremely valuable, and by offering new movers helpful information and tips, as well as timing mail pieces to encourage them to visit your company in person, give your representatives a call, or browse your website, can boost consumers confidence in your offerings and company. 


Contact our data experts today to learn more about how to turn new movers into  new customers. 

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Nora Dillon

Written by Nora Dillon

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