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What are Your Service Level Expectations?

  • What level of service do you expect personally and professionally?  
  • Do they differ? If so, why? 
  • How does your expectation of service change with price...or does it?  
  • Is price related to service level and should it be?

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"You Get What You Pay For"...or at least you hope to get AT LEAST what you pay for.  It's probably not necessary to say it, but getting more than you pay for is usually a good thing.  Like getting bumped from coach to First Class, or getting a free dessert "on the house" for no reason.  


Service Levels are a real measurement and so important that often they are included in business contracts in order to meet expectations.  It could be a contracted 3rd party call center that promises to answer 95% of calls within 3 rings, or an internal service level of replying to 100% of client email inquiries within an hour, or a day.  Whatever the metric, Service Levels tend to drive business decisions.  


Let's look at your personal service level expectations.  When you go to a restaurant, your personal service level requirement is to be seated within 10 minutes or 30 minutes or maybe an hour...depending on the time of day and day of the week. There are factors that influence our expectations of service level...often times it is price or costs that increase that expectation.


If I drive through the golden arches, my service level expectations are fast and relatively inexpensive food, but without gourmet flavors or a large variety of menu items.  However, when I frequent my favorite restaurant, I expect a pleasant dining atmosphere, a more unique and expansive menu, better service, but I also don't expect my meal to arrive in seconds or even a few minutes like I do when in my car handing my cash to a person wearing a headset and multi-tasking ten things at once.


With the food examples above, I'm grateful to have a choice of setting my service level expectations by my choice of providers.  However, what if I did want the fast convenience of my favorite restaurant at lunch time in the middle of the week?  Is it possible?  Unlikely, or at least not without calling ahead and getting a to go order ready.  Even then, getting out of your car or at least parking it while waiting for curbside service is about as close as you'll get.


If you're hungry for data, Altair Customer Intelligence gives you the ability to enjoy our fine dining data at a fast food convenience and cost.  


Altair CI offers online/self serve options for most of our data, while also offering custom data science and analysis to the nth degree.  Our expectations of service levels are not based on costs, but instead, our costs are based on your needs.  What is consistent is our foundation of high quality and highly deliverable data with more records than most of our competitors AND our efforts to exceed your expectations.


If you market to Consumers you should have a data provider that will give you the service you deserve.  Give us a call, drop an email, or request more information below.  


Invest some time in reviewing your data prospect needs, your sales leads, your marketing lists, and let our Data Strategists and Analysts work with you to determine what improvements could be made.  


Customer Intelligence......it's what we do.


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Have questions?  Give us a call at 800-241-6631 or email one of our data consultants at asales@altairci.com.


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Tags: Data Science, Online Counts, Data Lists, Sales Leads, Customer Intelligence, Custom Models, Customer Service


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