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Building a Multi Channel Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Campaign

Direct-to-Consumer marketing campaigns are used to target specific prospects with a precise message. Getting in front of prospects on the phone, through the mail, or by using their digital footprint could make a world of difference in campaign results.


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Unlike traditional marketing channels (television, radio, and print), direct marketing campaigns target their prospects and deliver a custom offer in a personalized manner.  When technology eventually allows electronic devices to deliver custom messaging based on your device's profile we'll include TV, radio, billboards, and such. For now, let's focus on print mail, digital, and email.


How you determine who to target can be done in a variety of ways.  Simple list criteria like demographic, geographic, or psychographic information can lead to the list development criteria. However, I highly recommend utilizing custom models that will use statistically significant data algorithms in order to better define your target (if this option is available to you).  If your customer base or responder data is significantly small, building an effective model may not be possible.  Regardless of methodology, the criteria will be set and the target defined.  Now for the fun!


Building an effective direct marketing campaign will require multiple impressions in a relatively short period of time.  That window of time is flexible, but let's assume it's a two to four week period.  During that time, finding an effective way to build awareness of your offering within your budget to reach the most people in your target audience is the challenge.  Also, different people react differently to a variety of mediums.  Various studies have indicated a synergistic result from use of direct mail, digital ads, and emails that incrementally improve the response over any one method of delivery.  By utilizing various matching methods, finding emails and IP addresses for names and physical address is becoming more reliable.  The broader match is at the household level (last name and address) but the more specific match at the individual level is preferred for accuracy, but will lower your prospect counts.  Typically, an individual match is done first and supplemented by a household level match.


Once the matching is done (& you have a name, physical address, and email address) it becomes easy to plan your quantity and timing of each medium to best introduce your offer.  How many mail pieces?  Mail is more costly, but also advantageous in many ways. This may be revisited throughout the campaign.  Digital ads?  They are hot right now because of their cost, but it truly takes a ton of impressions to be delivered. Digital should definitely be a part of the mix.  Emails?  You better have the smarts or a provider to know the ins and outs in order to avoid being blacklisted. You also must consider options for a creative subject line in order to get an open. Just like the mail piece and the digital ad, email adds value.


Timing is everything with direct mail, digital ads, and emails. The technology is available to know when a mail piece leaves primary sorting and should be in your prospect's mailbox at the exact moment they begin seeing emails and digital ads.


Altair Customer Intelligence works with marketers to provide guidance and assist with developing the type of campaigns described here. Altair is more than a list provider.  We truly provide customer intelligence on your existing and prospective clients.


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Tags: Direct Mail and Digital Ads, Marketing Strategy, Direct Mail Lists, Email Campaigns, Digital Ads


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