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Mortgage Data Lists: Did You Know...?

Mortgage providers market to consumers who have or are looking to have a mortgage. There are a variety of loan types (Conventional, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage) and reasons (New Purchase, Refi Cash Out, Lower Interest Rate, Lower Payment) that will find a consumer in the market for a mortgage.


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There are many different niches to pursue within the mortgage industry.  Some companies may pursue all types of mortgages, while others will choose only one or two. Either way, the use of accurate mortgage data from a quality provider is vital.


AVM or home value, loan data, interest rate, LTV, loan type, and loan rate type can be key to determining if the prospect meets your product offer. Full utilization of this information can help mortgage offers to be highly targeted with pinpoint precision in regards to prospects. Regarding offers where credit bureau data is not used for a firm offer, the ITA (invitation to apply) is usually made by using mortgage data, at least for refinance offers or reverse mortgage offers.


Whether you make an ITA offer or a firm offer of credit, the use of mortgage and consumer data will prove helpful in improving your ROI in both response and funded loans. Big data is only useful when it is actionable. Altair Customer Intelligence offers more than just a strong list.


Altair Customer Intelligence began in 2001 as a spin off from an advertising agency that worked mainly with mortgage providers. Mortgage data became our main focus. Altair's team was able to source and build a strong mortgage database that is continuously updated and put to use by some of the top mortgage lenders in the United States.


Some of the things that make  Altair Customer Intelligence's mortgage data unique is their blend of multi-sourced data and unique industry insight. Altair's attributes and processes provide a highly accurate deliverable to the nation's top mortgage lending companies. This insight and process has proven to be invaluable for clients. Altair has provided some of the largest mortgage companies in America with quality and timely mortgage data. Small brokers and lenders are also welcome, as Altair continues to help lenders grow and retain business. Altair's data is available through counts.altairci.com  or by speaking with one of their data consultants.


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Tags: Reverse Mortgage, Mortgage Leads, VA Loans, Refinance Offers, Conventional Mortgages, FHA Loans


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