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Marketing's Best Friend: Data

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68% of all U.S. households contain pets, meaning pet owners are a large and extremely valuable market. Reaching this market, when done correctly, can enable vets, pet supply stores, kennels, non-profits and many more to reach and retain valuable and loyal customers who prioritize trustworthiness, price, and friendliness. Learning how to correctly market to these proud pet owners is a necessary tool for any business offering pet-related services. 


Current Trends

In general, Millennials are the highest percentage of pet owners, narrowly beating out Baby Boomers at 35% versus 32% Baby Boomer pet owners.While there are some differences between how owners of different types of pets make pet-related decisions, the most differences in marketing persuasion techniques between pet owners are generational. 


For example, brand name pet products and food matter significantly more to Millennials (those born in the 1980's and 1990's) across all pet types than to other generations. However, across the board, the internet is becoming a bigger influence on decision making for all ages of pet owners. Half of pet owning households now buy their pet supplies online -- from food to medicine, there's been a significant uptick in online shopping for their favorite animal friends. Millennials are also most likely to pay for pet services such as pet boarding and grooming or go to pet-friendly restaurants, even going so far as to hold birthday parties and buy gifts for their pets.


When it comes to the top factors that sway pet owners concerning new pet products, the top three influences are led by browsing in stores, followed by television advertisements, and online browsing following up in third. Other influences are broken out below: 





























Pet Health Care

One of the primary pet services that pet owners will spend on is healthcare treatment for their pets. The most common visit are for routine physicals with veterinarians, followed by vaccinations. However, the services vary depending on what kind of pet it is. 


Pet owners rate trustworthiness and friendliness as the top two factors that influence their decision about which vet to see. Word of mouth is most important, but online reviews are also starting to influence decisions just as much. Some other factors include ease of access to location. 


Vets Bar Graph


When it comes to health insurance for pets, there are 9 million dog owners who insure their pets, and 4.5 million cat owners who do so, spending an average of $250-500 per year on policies. 


Reaching the Market

In order to attract more pet owners, it's important to note that they make the most impactful decisions based on in-person experiences, both in stores or at the vet's. TV ads, direct mail, and internet content are also driving influences. However, no amount of advertising is going to drive sales unless you've targeted the correct audience members. 


One of the ways to do so is to source data. There are millions of records available that can accurately pinpoint pet owners, and segment them into specific pet categories in order to provide you with the most accurate information. Altair offers high quality data to allow you to target specific groups of pet owners with over 30,564,188 records of pet owners available to use to create a highly targeted list of great candidates for your services and products. Get in touch today for more information! 



Nora Dillon

Written by Nora Dillon

Nora is an Account Manager at Altair who specializes in finding the best audiences for your marketing needs.

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