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Homeowner Status: Renters or Owners

Homeowners and Renters have some similar needs, but also some very different ones as well.

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An article in the Washington Post from August 2016 cites the Census Bureau's statement that home ownership was at it's lowest since 1965 (when tracking began) with 62.9%, as compared in 2004 when home ownership was at 69.2% which is the highest rate.


It's no surprise that renters have different concerns than new home buyers. Apartment Finder surveyed more than 5,000 renters and determined cost was the most important issue when searching for a new place. Sixty-three percent of participants said price was the deciding factor. Location was a far second at 24 percent. Forty-two percent of renters were looking for a new apartment because their current leases were expiring and 22 percent were relocating because of a new job. Following the trend identified by the Commerce Department, 18 percent were seeking a new place because they were moving out of their parents' homes.


Certain products and services will be attractive to both Renters and Homeowners that have recently moved.  For instance, healthcare providers, grocery stores, restaurants, storage units, places of worship, etc...but others will be most beneficial for one or the other.  Knowing the difference in who's renting and who is the homeowner is key to using New Mover data.  


Altair Customer Intelligence has New Mover lists (database) that's updated daily and compiled of various sources to provide a robust and highly accurate source of both Renters and Homeowners that have recently moved.  This list is highly sought after by those seeking to establish their product, brand, or services to those new to the area.


Want to get a count of Renters or Homeowners?  New Movers?  Check out the online count system by clicking the link below.


For Online Counts click here




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