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Making a List, Checking Your Score!

The holiday season can add extra stress to already over-extended schedules. Try and keep in mind that there are proven ways to manage time, bills, and credit behavior. Altair has some tips to help you keep it all in line this season!


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We all have one (or two) friends who are constantly over-extending themselves. They pick up kids from soccer practice, work-out 7 days a week, cook, clean, and somehow manage to hold down a full-time job! They manage their time impeccably well and they deserve a round of applause. My friend is exactly this way; however, her credit behavior tends to take a backseat to the endless list of to-dos. It isn’t hard to forget something that doesn’t impact your daily routine. For this reason, we have prepared a couple of helpful credit suggestions to get you on your way to your perfect holiday FICO.


  1. Take some time for you… & your bills.

Santa shouldn’t be the only one checking his list twice this time of year! Planning time to check your finances is imperative. You should know when your bills are to be paid, which bills are automatic, and how much money you will have leftover once all is said and done. Timely payments are a huge component of your FICO score, and should be regarded as such!


  1. Make some resolutions that will last longer than a year.

Making resolutions and setting goals should be an everyday practice for busy people trying their hardest at “adulting.” Resolve yourself to save more this year or to finally put a down-payment on your dream house! You must keep in mind that it does not have to be the New Year to start putting in work on your financial goals.


  1. Monitor and reward your results.

Remember not to be too strict this holiday season. You’ll want to keep an eye on your finances and FICO while allowing time for celebration of successes. Monitor your credit score, keep track of what needs to get done, and have some fun this holiday season!


There are several tools that you can use to help make better financial decisions! Try checking out Mint for some helpful ways to keep track of your budget. Of course, make sure that you are also getting your free Annual Credit Report from all 3 major bureaus. The best method is to get 1 report every 4 months. This will ensure that you have a clear picture (all year long) of your credit health.


Have a safe and happy holiday season. Make sure to keep up with the latest in credit as we dive deeper into the mysterious FICO score next week!


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Emily Baxter

Written by Emily Baxter

Emily is a credit data guru. She enjoys researching and sharing best practices on direct-to-consumer marketing strategies in her weekly Altair blog.

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