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Growing a Dental Practice...Painlessly - Dental Marketing

Okay, not everyone is a dentist or dental assistant, but almost everyone knows a dentist or dental assistant.  Share this blog with them and you may be thanked with an extra gentle teeth cleaning next time.


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Growing a business of almost any kind requires some thought and marketing.  After all, how will people find you?  Even a listing on a search engine or....(gasp) Yellow Page listing...is a form of marketing.  But some businesses are much more competitive or specialized than others and may require a different degree of expertise to "move the needle" so to speak.  Dental practices can be one of those specialized and highly competitive businesses.


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Some may think that everyone is a good prospect for a dentist, after all we all have teeth!  Well, almost everyone that is.  However, not every dentist is alike and many have specific focuses like pediatric dentistry, or orthodontist, or maybe even geriatric.  Regardless if they serve a single client type or a wide range of clients, each practice (individual dentist or group practices) will have a unique thumb print of sorts.


I personally have noticed from both my work experience and my personal USPS mailbox that dental practices often send very nice, full color, oversized, and attention grabbing mail pieces to attract new customers.  That's expensive, so when you receive one take the time to look it over and call for an appointment.  Well, that's not realistic I know since you probably receive five or more per month.  So what's a practice to do?  


Knowing the strengths of the practice, and the types of patients you want, or the services you prefer to provide, will go a long way in reducing the number of mail pieces a practice has to send in order to get the same or better results.  Data Science and quality data bases are the next step.  That's where we come in at Altair Customer Intelligence.


Altair Customer Intelligence has many years of experience working with dental practices and Dental Service Organizations to grow and retain their clients.  The key is finding those prospects that uniquely match the practice or group of practices and that has been something we've done many times with great success.  We've also developed patient reactivation and appointment reminder programs that have proved to have a strong ROI as well.  


If you'd like to learn more about our data quality, or Data Science services, or how we can help you with your direct marketing, please call or email us. Give us a call at 800-241-6631 or email one of our data strategists at asales@altairci.com.  


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