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Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Generation X

It is more important than ever for marketers to study and understand their audiences. This 4 part blog series will outline the main generations that marketers target with direct-to-consumer campaigns. Here you will find a ton of information on how to properly market to and reach Generation X. Gen X'ers are a complex group of consumers that have a broad range of interests both financially and personally. 


McCrindle Research Center reports Generation X as being comprised of people born in the years 1965-1979. This generation directly follows in the steps of Baby Boomers. Generally portrayed as the “Whatever Generation”; This subset has often been accused of having an apathetic view of money and spending. However, Generation X has played a huge part in the start-up phenomenon as it relates to the FinTech world. A whopping 55% of FinTech startups were founded by Gen X’ers. They are not “digital natives” like their millennial friends, however, Gen X has played a huge part in carrying the world into its current innovative and technological state.


Generation X can be credited with moving us into the tech-era. This does not mean that they were able to capitalize and save the money that their Baby Boomer parents had by adulthood. Some blame haunting college debt and others point the finger at the rising cost of living and childcare. Targeting this group with offers for refinance has proven to be incredibly successful. If you are considering a targeted campaign, you might consider digital ad targeting, as it is the most popular medium in which to attract Gen X'ers. No matter which medium you choose, it is important to remember that targeting this segment with tri-bureau credit data and custom modeling is essential. 


This generation is often overlooked in the direct-to-consumer marketing process. Advertising to this group requires a marketing mix that recognizes their hard work and the struggles that they face.Generation X is influenced by making money, and also by the opportunity to spend it. Getting your mail piece in front of these Gen X’ers is vital in running a successful D2C campaign. Identifying and targeting the best audiences for your telemarketing, direct mail, and digital campaigns is what will ultimately win over this often wrongfully discounted group.


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Tags: Marketing Lists, Credit Data, Consumer Data Leads, Sales Leads, Mortgage Leads, Direct Mail Lists, New Mover Data, Donor Lists, FICO, Credit Scores


Emily Baxter

Written by Emily Baxter

Emily is a credit data guru. She enjoys researching and sharing best practices on direct-to-consumer marketing strategies in her weekly Altair blog.

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