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Flying Under the Radar - Finding the Underbanked

At times we have all likely wanted to "fly under the radar" or "go off the grid" for some reason, which means we don't want to be found or tracked.


For some people though, being under the radar or off the grid when it comes to financial loan offers can be frustrating for them AND they can be great prospects too.



 thin credit file  alternative credit bureau data  underbanked prospects altair ciWhen a person wants or needs a loan the lending institution will almost always pull a credit report in order to assess the risk of the ability to repay the loan.  So what happens to those people that have no credit history or such little credit history that they cannot be approved? It's not always a case of "bad credit" as much as it is having been underbanked and untrackable. They usually pay with cash and their banks....when needed....are not usually traditional lending institutions.  It's a catch 22 as well.  Maybe they'd use banks more if they could get credit, or get more credit if they used banks.  


For the right lenders and those looking for the underbanked prospects, Alternative Credit Bureau data (such as FactorTrust) or modeled data (such as our Payday Loan Model) can help find those thin file and underbanked prospects.  Our Payday Loan model has worked well to identify prospects for lease to own products, consumer lending offers, and even those looking for Final Expenses life insurance products.  We are also an authorized reseller of FactorTrust's credit data.


So when you're marketing team is looking for that rare bird that flys under the radar or the hermit that lives off the grid, consult with your Altair Customer Intelligence or your current data provider about using a new radar or new grid to find them.  Traditional thinking provides traditional results.  Sometimes it takes a different approach...and we can help.



If you market to Consumers you should have a data provider that will give you the service you deserve.  Give us a call, drop an email, or request more information below.  


Invest some time in reviewing your data prospect needs, your sales leads, your marketing lists, and let our Data Strategists and Analysts work with you to determine what improvements could be made.  


Customer Intelligence......it's what we do.


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Tags: Underbanked Prospects, Highly Targeted Leads, Alternative Credit Data, Thin Credit File, Consumer Lending


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