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Do You Care if Your Client Moves? - New Mover and Pre-Mover Data

What would you do if you knew when your customer was planning to move, or did recently move?  


Does their location impact their likelihood to continue doing business with you?  What if they became a Homeowner from having been a Renter, or vice versa?  Or, if you knew they had significantly upsized or downsized their home?


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We get it.  New Movers are a higher than average spending group as they attempt to settle into their new home.  They are great candidates for a variety of products and services.  Also, great prospecting targets based on their new location.


But what about your own customers that move? 


If your clients have a high value, would you benefit in knowing they have their home for sale? We have "Pre-Mover" data which captures roughly 70% of the homes listed for sale....including both MLS and FSBO listings.  Or, if they do move, would you be able to sell additional products or services by knowing that information, or possibly refer them to a different location they may not be aware of?  Maybe an offer to entice them to come back to you, even if it's a little further now (assuming they moved locally).


For the right companies, being able to know when their current clients move, or are about to move, can be very helpful in retaining their client's business...or even garnering new business from them. It also helps in keeping their address information up to date and learn more about their clients.  


For instance, if you sell furniture and know your existing customer is moving or just moved, what a great opportunity to send them an offer to shop again.  Or, maybe you're a Mortgage Lender, what is it worth to see that one of your client's has their home on the market.  


New Mover and Pre-Mover Data can be more helpful than just knowing who moved into your area.  For strategic marketing, talk with our data consultants about possible solutions that you may not have tried before.  Customer Intelligence......it's what we do.


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Tags: New Mover Data Lists, Marketing Leads, Pre-Mover Data


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