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If you're of a certain age you may remember the TV Series (or the movie version) "The A-Team" and their leader "Hannibal" Smith.  His signature quote was "I Love it When a Plan Comes Together"....which applies to Marketing plans too. 


data science leads to improved prospecting for marketing lists and improved ROI 


Marketing pros can develop and implement some very complex campaigns.  I'm not talking about the ad design itself, or the commercial, or the email, but more of how they all work together.


Although it doesn't happen as often as it could, have you noticed within a day or two you receive a direct mail piece, an email, and see digital ads when on the internet?  It's likely not a coincidence but instead a well executed plan. Another thing you may have noticed is when you're watching the local news and they go to commercial that you flip the channels to each local station and they ALL have the same commercial running at the same time.  (That's called a "road block"....meaning you can't get around it by switching stations)  Examples like these are strategically and carefully planned.


With Direct Mail, Digital Ads, and even emails, the technology is available to know when a mail piece should be in your mailbox so that an email can be there the same time, and yes, digital ads start appearing at the same time as well.  This type of full on branding and advertising has shown great improvement, but it also starts with a highly targeted group of prospects.  That could mean you're the only person in your neighborhood that's getting the mail piece, or maybe everyone in your neighborhood, but not the next block over.  


There are so many aspects to successful marketing.  When it's done well, you should see the mail, email, and digital ads directed to you are truly of interest to your or someone in your home.  Tip your hat the the company for having done their homework in finding their target prospects.  When you get mail, email, or digital ads that are of no interest or connection to you in any way, well....it's then truly junk to you and the sender.  As B.A. Baracus from "The A-Team" (aka, Mr. T) might have said "Don't be a Fool by sending junk."


Altair Customer Intelligence works with marketers to provide Data Science methodologies to find the best and most likely prospects by which to market.  Our data lists and data services have proven beneficial to many large, medium, and small companies alike.  If you or someone you know is looking for help in identifying their prospects, understanding their customer's demographics and psyhcographic insights, or simply need quality data mailing lists, please give us a call or contact us below.


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 Have questions?  Give us a call at 800-241-6631 or email one of our data consultants at asales@altairci.com.




Tags: Marketing Lists, Lead Lists, Data Science, Direct Mail and Digital Ads


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