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Direct Mail: How to Develop a Highly Effective Mail List

Direct Mail continues to work.  How can you tell?  Check your mailbox!  If it didn't work, you wouldn't continue to get direct mail offers every day.


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In the "digital age" of direct advertising, many marketers want to jump on the digital ad wagon much like fans joining in on a cinderella team driving toward the Stanley Cup Finals (Go Preds) or tweens making a no-name artist go viral in days.  Yes, digital ads work too, but the "mail in hand" continues to be the golden rule.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.....keep mailing.


If you had a database at your disposal that had the name and address for each and every person in the USA, where would you start?  Can you afford to mail every person?  What about one mail piece per household?  Do you mail them once, twice, or ongoing?  What does your budget look like?  


What is your product or service?  Security systems or Mortgages?  Insurance or Legal Services?  Dresses or Guns?  Automobiles or Homes?  


Assuming your budget isn't unlimited, you must make some decisions on who to mail.  Below are some common selects used to develop a mail list.


Geography, Age, Income, Education, Gender, Home Value, Children in Household, and Occupation type.


What has been found to work really well involves going beyond the obvious and thinking a bit bigger.....scientifically even.....with a mix of human touch and experience.  With thousands of data points/attributes/selects to choose from, having the experience and expertise to understand the methods to develop your mailing list is something that Altair Customer Intelligence can lead you through.  


While there are a variety of ways to gather new leads, probably the fastest and possibly the most cost effective lead source, is by purchasing mailing lists.  Data providers are not difficult to find, but GOOD data providers are... and well worth your due diligence in order to provide the back end results and ROI that you desire.  


Altair Customer Intelligence is highly focused and experienced on helping companies of all types that market their products or services directly to consumers.  We have a wide variety of consumer databases that can identify a wide array of demographics, psycho graphics, and geographic criteria to target your lead list.  In addition, our Data Science team can create custom predictive and responder models so that you further define an even more targeted mail list. 


So if you're looking to sell Mortgage Protection policies, or promote your Dental practice, or even locate those New Movers to your area for your local church or charity, allow Altair Customer Intelligence help you make the most of your marketing dollars.  


Talk with one of our Data Consultants. Simply use the "Request for Information" button below for a review to see how we can partner with you for your next direct mail campaign.


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Tags: Consumer Data Leads, Automobile Data Leads, New Mover Leads, Mortgage Leads, Direct Mail Lists, Direct Mail Leads


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