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How To Boost Hospital Visit Rates Among New Movers - A Case Study



New movers are an invaluable audience for healthcare providers. When someone relocates, especially families with children, one of their top priorities is seeking out new doctors, hospitals, urgent cares, and healthcare facilities that they can rely on in their new area. This means that for healthcare providers, getting in front of new movers is vastly important. 


Altair was asked to collaborate with a regional hospital in order to help them reach this audience more effectively. The campaign? A multi-page, self mailer with a tipped in wallet card was sent to all new movers in the area on a monthly basis. The mailer positioned the hospital as a leading provider and partner for new movers' and their family's healthcare. The tipped in wallet included a link to an online physician directory, as well as welcomed the new mover to the neighborhood. revenue graph


This marketing piece was sent to all new movers in the market area determined by Altair data experts. The response was significant to the hospitals ROI, with $250 in hospital revenue (either inpatient or outpatient during the 12 month period following the mailing) for every 1$ of marketing cost. 


The other tangible result of this campaign was a significant increase in visits from recipients of the mailer. 5% of recipients visited the hospital, whether inpatient or outpatient within the initial three months following the direct mailing. In the initial six months after the direct mailing, 9% of recipients visited the hospital. 



This kind of response is significant, and goes to show how combining smart marketing strategy with concise data in order to drive visits, revenue, and visibility; especially among the valuable new mover audience. Some of the factors that influenced the target audience included drive time, which for Altair, is never just a simple radius of mileage. Instead, our data experts are able to account for obstacles, whether it be dividing rivers, traffic patterns, common routes, and convenience for your target audience. With our turnkey solution, this large regional hospital was able to convert new movers into valuable new customers through innovative marketing strategies and intuitive data selection. 


To start your smart marketing journey, get in touch with us here at Altair, and we'll provide you with expertise from our data strategists, as well as work with you every step of the way to design, implement, and measure our campaign. Visit us online or call us today to get started. 




Nora Dillon

Written by Nora Dillon

Nora is an Account Manager at Altair who specializes in finding the best audiences for your marketing needs.

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