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Building Brand Awareness

Making your brand a "household name" requires a successful marketing plan, a viral online event, great products, a lot of luck, and maybe a little bit of all of the above.

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Brand Awareness results in a buying decision to be made more quickly and with confidence which increases your chances of making a sale.  Sales teams know the importance of brand awareness. The bottom line is, 80% of a company's future sales will originate from 25% of their current customers. Brand awareness stems from customer experience. Most sales people will tell you that selling a widely recognized name is drastically easier than introducing consumers to an unfamiliar brand. Some brands will require little to no thought, while others may trigger a quick reach for your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Building brand awareness is a continual effort, however, there can be the fly wheel effect. The same effort given to start the motion can have greater impact once the motion has started. Consistent effort is still necessary as new buyers enter the market place.  New movers and existing consumers will need to be continuously made aware of your brand. Let's focus on the new movers. This segment of consumers can be especially critical to healthcare providers, service providers, and local retailers that provide goods they want and need.


New mover data can be found across various data vendors.  However, not all new mover data is the same.  Identifying consumers and households that have recently moved can be easy, if you know where to look. Change of address notifications, property deed information, utility connections, and many other indicators are available to marketers daily.  Identifying which records are truly new movers and which are not requires the ability and insight to dig a little deeper.  New mover data will include homeowners and renters, so if you seek only one or the other be sure to specify that in your request as it can be easily segregated.  Altair Customer Intelligence vets out more non-new movers from their multi-sourced providers than any of our competitors.  Although this may reduce the sheer number of prospects, it will allow you to truly target your messaging to new residents instead of those existing residents that added a utility service or possibly various other actions that created a false indicator.


To help with your marketing strategy, brand awareness is one key piece of the puzzle. Direct marketing to new movers should be a part of your strategy to increase brand awareness. Altair has the solution!


Want to find how many new movers are in your area? Visit counts.altairci.com to search for free.  Altair's online system is no cost to use and once your account is setup, you can order mailing lists online in minutes.


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Tags: Healthcare Marketing, Retail Marketing, New Movers, Marketing Strategy


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