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Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Baby Boomers

It is more important than ever for marketers to study and understand their audiences. This 4 part blog series will outline the main generations that marketers target with direct-to-consumer campaigns. Let's start with Baby Boomers. Marketing to Boomers requires a lot of diligence, information gathering, and expertise! Here you will find some tips on how to make the most of your marketing dollars while targeting Baby Boomers.



Baby Boomers are known for being organized, competitive, and willing to put in the hours to become successful in their personal relationships and careers. Baby Boomers make up more than half of the current work force, and are incredibly relevant when it comes to D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) marketing.


Baby Boomers grew up during a hectic time. The world was a chaotic place and if you wanted to make it; You had to work! This segment had to work to make their money and, not surprisingly, marketers will have to work just as hard to get them to spend it. This generation responds to well-thought-out mail campaigns. They did not grow up with instant messaging and FaceTime. If you want to reach this segment, you will have to design a multi-faceted approach that includes their favorite medium: Direct Mail.


Marketers should not be afraid to use more than 140 characters with this segment, as they often take the time to read past your opening line. Keep in mind, it might take multiple mailings to attract a Baby Boomer, as they do tend to research more diligently than, let’s say, millennials. Financial marketers might be interested in targeting Baby Boomers for a reverse mortgage, in which case, they should be prepared to ‘wow’ them with great copy and creative mail design! Once the mail campaign has drawn attention from this segment, marketers should be prepared to spend a bit more time with their Baby Boomer clients. This group does tend to be diligent when it comes to spending and money habits. The key in working with Baby Boomers on financial products is taking the time to listen, understand, and build rapport.


It is challenging to face a changing world and evolving technologies. Marketing effectively to this hard-working generation will take effort, but hey, what generation will appreciate hard work more than Baby Boomers? To learn more about reaching this segment, contact Altair. We are always here to help design profitable D2C campaigns (for every generation)!


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Tags: Sales Leads, Mortgage Leads, Consumer Data Leads, Marketing Lists, Direct Mail Lists, Donor Lists, New Mover Data, FICO, Credit Data, Credit Scores


Annie Craig

Written by Annie Craig

Annie is a Communications student at Lipscomb University in Nashville. She loves learning the tricks of the trade at Altair and contributing to the weekly blog!

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