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Sales Leads, Insurance Leads, Mortgage Leads, Consumer Data Leads, Marketing Lists, Direct Mail Lists, Donor Lists, New Mover Data

When is it Time to Schedule Your Yearly Data Consult?

Just like yearly visits to a doctor, it is vital to schedule time with experts in the field of data. Data consultants and scientists are able to do full work ups on your current process to find hidden opportunities and variables.

Sales Leads, Insurance Leads, Mortgage Leads, Consumer Data Leads, Marketing Lists, Direct Mail Lists, Donor Lists, New Mover Data

Data Leads: Non Recyclable

As Jack Johnson puts it, "...we've got to learn to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle." Something tells us that Jack was not singing about data lists in this well thought out melody. Sales leads and marketing lists should be refreshed and updated as often as possible - and rarely (if ever) should the 3 R's apply!


Customer Intelligence, Customer Profiles, Segmentation, Persona Development, Data Science, Marketing Strategy

Customer Profiles, Segmentation, & Personas

Profiling is a word that may initially make you feel uncomfortable based on what you might read or see on television. However, profiling can also be a great tool for marketers. Profiling is key in better understanding and marketing to customers and prospects.





Mortgage Leads, Reverse Mortgage, Refinance Offers, Conventional Mortgages, FHA Loans, VA Loans

Mortgage Data Lists: Did You Know...?

Mortgage providers market to consumers who have or are looking to have a mortgage. There are a variety of loan types (Conventional, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage) and reasons (New Purchase, Refi Cash Out, Lower Interest Rate, Lower Payment) that will find a consumer in the market for a mortgage.




Direct Mail and Digital Ads, Direct Mail Lists, Email Campaigns, Digital Ads, Marketing Strategy

Building a Multi Channel Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Campaign

Direct-to-Consumer marketing campaigns are used to target specific prospects with a precise message. Getting in front of prospects on the phone, through the mail, or by using their digital footprint could make a world of difference in campaign results.



Retail Marketing, New Movers, Marketing Strategy, Healthcare Marketing

Building Brand Awareness

Making your brand a "household name" requires a successful marketing plan, a viral online event, great products, a lot of luck, and maybe a little bit of all of the above.

Underbanked Prospects, Consumer Lending, Alternative Credit Data, Thin Credit File, Unbanked Prospects, Subprime Prospects

Under Banked: What Does It Mean?

Underbanked is a term that has been used for many years to reference consumers that are outside of the traditional banking system.  How do they differ from unbanked or subprime? How are they the same? We've got answers.

Mortgage Data, Sales Leads, VA Loans, Veteran Status Indicator, Occupation Information

Finding Our Veterans

Veterans and their families have experienced things unique only to those in the military, and likewise have some unique benefits or offers for having served our country.  How can you find them?



Consumer Data Leads, Sales Leads, Insurance Leads, Consumer Interests, Consumer Lifestyle

Use of a Consumer Database for Insurance Leads

Consumer databases are a gold mine for sales leads.  Let's take a look at insurance leads for direct-to-consumer campaigns.



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