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Summer Spending Shows Lifestyle Credit Card Rewards Are On the Rise

Mortgage Applications Hit Peak in May: Make Sure You're Reaching Your Prospects

Using Data To Power Personalized Marketing

3 Ways To Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

The 5 Most Effective Strategies for Marketing to New Movers

Using Real Time Data to Originate More Loans

Payday Lending Rules Facing Overhaul

Building an Effective Acquisition Campaign: Measurement and Analytics

Implementing Consumer-Lending Behaviors Into Your Marketing Strategy

Building an Effective Acquisition Campaign: Messaging And Marketing Channels

Consumer Marketing Trends On the Rise: New Year, New You

How To Build An Effective Acquisition Campaign: Understanding the Market

2019 Consumer Trend Report

How To Generate Better Mortgage Leads in 2019

2018 Holiday Shopping Trends

2019 Housing Market Trends

How Lenders Miss 25% of Their Ideal Prospects

Personal Loans Are on the Rise: Today's Lending Landscape

5 Marketing Strategies To Attract First-Time Home Buyers In 2019

Urgent Care Marketing Trends for 2018

How To Use Data To Increase Auto Sales

Turning New Homeowners Into New Customers

How To Use Data In Small Business Marketing

Is Your Data Fresh Enough?

Marketing Mortgages To Millennials, Simplified

How To Boost Hospital Visit Rates Among New Movers - A Case Study

Growing Your Audience With New Mover Campaigns

Marketing's Best Friend: Data

Data for Dentistry 101

Pre-Approved vs. Invited to Apply Offers - What You Should Know

New Year, New Reasons to be Credit Healthy

Direct Mail Strategies For 2018

Merry Marketing!

Making a List, Checking Your Score!

Subprime Lending: What Should You Know?

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Generation Z

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Millennials

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Generation X

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Baby Boomers

Bureau Changes Result in Higher FICO Scores

When is it Time to Schedule Your Yearly Data Consult?

Marketing to Consumers with Personal Credit Information

Data Leads: Non Recyclable

Customer Profiles, Segmentation, & Personas

Mortgage Data Lists: Did You Know...?

Building a Multi Channel Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Campaign

Building Brand Awareness

Under Banked: What Does It Mean?

Finding Our Veterans

Use of a Consumer Database for Insurance Leads

Direct Mail: How to Develop a Highly Effective Mail List

Homeowner Status: Renters or Owners

Customer Retention: Are Your Customers In Flight?

Predictive Analytics: Modeling Your Best Customers

Lead Lists For Sale, and Then Some

Clone Analytics and the NFL

Pinpoint Precision for Pre-Qualified Mortgage Offers

Why Use Custom Analytic Data Models?

Qualified Mortgage Lead Generation System

Home Insurance Leads Using Home Sales Data

Finding Sales Leads and Cooking:  How They are Similar

Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Leads, Leads, and More Leads

Mine is Better Than Yours!

Looking for a Needle in a Haystack?

2 Ways to Achieve Brand Recognition

Who Is Moving Here?

Pre-Qualified Credit and ITA Programs

Cause and Effect - or Correlation?

Wisdom: How to Get More

Finding the Right Fit - Business Partners

Marketing to Homeowners

What I Need to Know When Deciding to Make a Pre-Approved offer or Invitation to Apply offer.

If You Market to Consumers...

Daylight Savings Time Fun Facts: Spring Forward

Better Utilize Your Prospect List

WHERE? - Site Location

Flying Under the Radar - Finding the Underbanked

What are Your Service Level Expectations?

Is it time for your Check Up?

Do You Care if Your Client Moves? - New Mover and Pre-Mover Data

Enough is Enough: When Over Selection Occurs

President's Day - Facts and Links

Data Enhancement - Customers and Prospects

Cupid's Targets: Happy Valentines Day

Psychographic vs Demographic

Highly Targeted Prospect Lists

Growing a Dental Practice...Painlessly - Dental Marketing

Once You Know Who, Then the Question is When?

Tracking Your Results - What's Your ROI?

Did You Know - Things to Know When Building Data Lists and Sales Leads

Reaching Home Owners - Mortgage Data

Direct Mail & Digital Ads Marketing

New to Town? New Movers are Looking for You. Find Them Fast.

Get Political on Inauguration Day - Consumer Interests

Determining Your Best Marketing List Prospects

Send Letters & Cards

How to Earn More Money in 2017

Snow Days or Snow Daze? Are You Prepared?

2017 New Year Resolutions Lists Links

Getting to Know Your Customers - Improve Your Relationships and sales

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker - Prospecting to New Movers in your community

Marketing Data: Your Source Can Make a BIG Difference

What Providers Can Do To Retain Patients

Data Marketing Lead Lists Are More Relevant Than Ever

Ask Why. Why? Because You Can't Believe Everything You Read!

B2C Marketing: Consumer Interests and Buying Behavior - Data Analysis

Targeting new movers and homeowners

Rent vs Home Ownership - Know your New Movers

Find your "real" prospects.  -Data Analysis

What changes in 2017 will impact your business?

Data-Driven Marketing More Important Than Ever

2 digital marketing tips to retain patients

Credit Report Compliance: What Your Business Needs to Know

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