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How To Use Data In Small Business Marketing

Is Your Data Fresh Enough?

Marketing Mortgages To Millennials, Simplified

How To Boost Hospital Visit Rates Among New Movers - A Case Study

Growing Your Audience With New Mover Campaigns

Marketing's Best Friend: Data

Data for Dentistry 101

Pre-Approved vs. Invited to Apply Offers - What You Should Know

New Year, New Reasons to be Credit Healthy

Direct Mail Strategies For 2018

Merry Marketing!

Making a List, Checking Your Score!

Subprime Lending: What Should You Know?

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Generation Z

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Millennials

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Generation X

Generational Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Baby Boomers

Bureau Changes Result in Higher FICO Scores

When is it Time to Schedule Your Yearly Data Consult?

Marketing to Consumers with Personal Credit Information

Data Leads: Non Recyclable

Customer Profiles, Segmentation, & Personas

Mortgage Data Lists: Did You Know...?

Building a Multi Channel Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Campaign

Building Brand Awareness

Under Banked: What Does It Mean?

Finding Our Veterans

Use of a Consumer Database for Insurance Leads

Direct Mail: How to Develop a Highly Effective Mail List

Homeowner Status: Renters or Owners

Customer Retention: Are Your Customers In Flight?

Predictive Analytics: Modeling Your Best Customers

Lead Lists For Sale, and Then Some

Clone Analytics and the NFL

Pinpoint Precision for Pre-Qualified Mortgage Offers

Why Use Custom Analytic Data Models?

Qualified Mortgage Lead Generation System

Home Insurance Leads Using Home Sales Data

Finding Sales Leads and Cooking:  How They are Similar

Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Leads, Leads, and More Leads

Mine is Better Than Yours!

Looking for a Needle in a Haystack?

2 Ways to Achieve Brand Recognition

Who Is Moving Here?

Pre-Qualified Credit and ITA Programs

Cause and Effect - or Correlation?

Wisdom: How to Get More

Finding the Right Fit - Business Partners

Marketing to Homeowners

What I Need to Know When Deciding to Make a Pre-Approved offer or Invitation to Apply offer.

If You Market to Consumers...

Daylight Savings Time Fun Facts: Spring Forward

Better Utilize Your Prospect List

WHERE? - Site Location

Flying Under the Radar - Finding the Underbanked

What are Your Service Level Expectations?

Is it time for your Check Up?

Do You Care if Your Client Moves? - New Mover and Pre-Mover Data

Enough is Enough: When Over Selection Occurs

President's Day - Facts and Links

Data Enhancement - Customers and Prospects

Cupid's Targets: Happy Valentines Day

Psychographic vs Demographic

Highly Targeted Prospect Lists

Growing a Dental Practice...Painlessly - Dental Marketing

Once You Know Who, Then the Question is When?

Tracking Your Results - What's Your ROI?

Did You Know - Things to Know When Building Data Lists and Sales Leads

Reaching Home Owners - Mortgage Data

Direct Mail & Digital Ads Marketing

New to Town? New Movers are Looking for You. Find Them Fast.

Get Political on Inauguration Day - Consumer Interests

Determining Your Best Marketing List Prospects

Send Letters & Cards

How to Earn More Money in 2017

Snow Days or Snow Daze? Are You Prepared?

2017 New Year Resolutions Lists Links

Getting to Know Your Customers - Improve Your Relationships and sales

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker - Prospecting to New Movers in your community

Marketing Data: Your Source Can Make a BIG Difference

What Providers Can Do To Retain Patients

Data Marketing Lead Lists Are More Relevant Than Ever

Ask Why. Why? Because You Can't Believe Everything You Read!

B2C Marketing: Consumer Interests and Buying Behavior - Data Analysis

Targeting new movers and homeowners

Rent vs Home Ownership - Know your New Movers

Find your "real" prospects.  -Data Analysis

What changes in 2017 will impact your business?

Data-Driven Marketing More Important Than Ever

2 digital marketing tips to retain patients

Credit Report Compliance: What Your Business Needs to Know

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