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Summer Spending Shows Lifestyle Credit Card Rewards Are On the Rise

By Nora Dillon on Jul 8, 2019 1:31:56 PM


It's finally summer, which to most people, signifies it's time to treat themselves: with seasonal shopping sprees, adventurous activities, and of course, vacation. Three in four people plan to put travel expenses and their vacations on a credit card - which means this is the right time to hit the market with branded offers, promote travel rewards, and usage campaigns. Here's what offers are working and what audiences are responding.

"New Mover Marketing Data", "Pre-Mover Marketing Data"

The 5 Most Effective Strategies for Marketing to New Movers

 Moving is stressful - and not just because of the daunting tasks of packing, loading a moving truck, and unpacking. There are three stages to every move: the months before a planned move, when consumers begin to look for services to help them sell their home; the 6 week window when a house that's on the market enters pending status and consumers begin to change providers and look for moving services; and the 6 months after a move, when consumers build loyalty to new companies and businesses...

Payday Lending Rules Facing Overhaul

By Nora Dillon on Feb 12, 2019 10:40:42 AM



The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is expected to revamp its payday lending rule in the coming months, according to sources familiar with the bureau's proposal. The anticipated change is the elimination of underwriting requirements established in 2017 that required lenders to verify a borrower's income, as well as debts and other spending assessing one's ability to repay credit while meeting living expenses before extending an offer of credit. 

Implementing Consumer-Lending Behaviors Into Your Marketing Strategy

By Nora Dillon on Jan 24, 2019 3:12:17 PM


Consumer lenders are seeing a significant rise in popularity and are leading the way in the ever-changing landscape of financial institutions and loan originations. Many consumer finance lenders  are flocking to digital platforms hoping to transform their marketing strategies by providing consumers instant online banking and mobile offerings. However, you may want to reconsider these tactics after learning more about some of our key insights and takeaways, including how offline actions...

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